We understand that Everyone’s financial situation is unique and requires a personalized approach, exactly the way there is a different medicines for different illnesses.

Successful Indian families and professionals are finding it counter-productive to individually deal with multiple financial advisors and are recognizing the value of having a “Financial Coach for their Family” – An advocate who would offer unbiased advice keeping into account the unique context of the family’s financial aspirations and financial challenges.

A financial coach who understands the structure, scalability and profitability of medical professionals, earnings, cash flows, current assets and liabilities and holistically assess where they stand presently, discovers where would they want to be eventually.

We understand when the roots are strong; there is no need for you to fear the winds! The roots of your financial success are in your small actions that you take over a period of time, at VAMA PLANTRICH we coach you to execute right actions time and again which go a long way in creating , maximizing and sustaining your wealth!.

With 4 simple course of action, we will Kraft your Life Journey towards Financial Freedom:


Very first step is to get your history, i.e your money story and belief’s.  To understand the structure, scalability and profitability of practice , earnings, cash flows, current assets and liabilities and holistically assess where you stand presently and discover where would you want to be eventually.


On the basis of historical data, we conduct an X-ray and prepare a report, which will help you to understand health of your finances pinpointing areas of weakness and concern such as growing debt tum ours, cash flow constrictions, wealth blockages and more. Wealth X-Ray inputs your financial life into a massive, proprietary spreadsheet to analyze the physical health & emotions both of your “financial body.”


On the basis of critical parameters and Wealth X-ray Report, we prescribe a Plan that will create a safety net, enhance your assets productivity, create new assets, maximize cash flows, sustain wealth and enable you lead a financially healthy life throughout and help you to meet your goals & lead you to a happy stress free life.


Just like annual health check up is in medicine, Annual review is most important when it comes to your finances. Follow up is necessary for any course of treatment & so it is when it comes to your Finances. It will be an annual follow up of your existing plan & if some change in course of treatment is required considering economic scenario and your financial situation, we will suggest throughout.